Laila Hassen President

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Year: 4th Year

My hobbies include tennis, biking, learning to salsa dance, watching movies, ran my first few 5k’s this past year, loves sushi and the color pink, and is a fan of all Bay Area sports teams (Warriors, Giants, Raiders, and 49ers). I’ve also had more than 8 internships, 3 of which have most recently been with Pacific Gas and Electric company. Some cool stuff I’ve done included flying in a helicopter and traveling all over California.



Melissa Lopez Presidential Advisor

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Minor: Sustainability in the Built Environment

I was last year’s SWE President so I hope to continue to help improve the UC Davis SWE section this year! I have a fraternal twin sister and in my free time, I like to sleep excessively. I practice archery, love traveling, obsess over rose milk tea and sushi, make impulsive shopping trips, enjoy swimming, and take horse riding lessons at the UC Davis Equestrian Center. I am also involved with CALESS and the UC Davis 2017 Solar Decathlon team. I currently work for the City and County of San Francisco Public Works and will be graduating in December 2016.



Cheryl Fichter External Vice President

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: 3rd Year

I’m currently working for PG&E in their Gas Operations Transmission Pipeline Replacement team. I love hiking, going on adventures with my family, and most of all, shopping.


Sindhoora Tallapragada Internal Vice President

Year: 4th Year

I competed in Lincoln-Douglas debate in high school and coached a Parliamentary debate team last year.  I also do research in a thermochemistry lab on campus.  Outside of school I enjoy knitting, swimming, and watching too much TV.  I’m also an avid tumblr user and a Hufflepuff.


Meysel Amaya Treasurer

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: 4th Year

Just finished my first year at UC Davis as a transfer student. I was previously  treasurer of the Latino Medical Student Association and vice president of SWE SJDC  back in my community college where I was able to work on projects such as the Boat Regatta competition. I also have volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and St. Mary’s Dining room. Currently, I am also part of CALESS club and LEADR program in UC Davis. Coming school year, I am looking forward to get more involved in different engineering related activities as well as in research.


Alexandra Mora Secretary

Major: Biological Systems Engineering

Year: 3rd Year

I am a member of the UC Davis Concrete Canoe team, where I help make the mix for the canoe and work on the aesthetics team. Outside of school I enjoy running, knitting, and trying out new recipes.


Linda Lan Phung Board of Director

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Year: 3rd Year

My hobbies include spending time in nature, visiting new places, and watching romantic or action-packed movies, with my latest list being the Marvel superheroes. I’m also in the Biomedical Engineering Society and love the color teal.  I adore koalas (can’t say the same for spiders), have volunteered for over 10 years, and hiked up Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite.



Alicia Allen Board of Director

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: 3rd Year

Some of my hobbies include singing as well as being in the great outdoors and exercising.In the future, I hope to work in the field of consumer products. This will be my second year serving on the Board of Directors for SWE. I look forward to this year’s SWE meetings and meeting new members.



Emily Jasinski Publicist/Historian

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: 3rd Year

When she’s not studying in the Physical Sciences and Engineering Library she enjoys watching documentaries and hanging out with her sorority sisters. On campus she works as a Tour Guide and a Shop Office Assistant at Unitrans.



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